Networking (the Internet) Has Come a Long Way in Twenty Years

More than twenty years after starting The Inner Circle BBS (ICBBS) it's hard to believe how far networking has progressed.  I began this journey running a little two-line  bulletin board on Renegade BBS software, on DOS 5 in a Netware ethernet over coax network connecting an SX50 and a DX90, each with 4 megs of ram and 450 meg hard drives. These multitasked through Deskview, and used Front Door to handshake with 2400BPS modems.  Back then Plug-N-Play was more theory than reality.  Even Windows 3, yea I know, had to run TCP-IP through WinSock to make a connection to the "web"...  what's a "web?"  Yes, networking and the Internet have come a long way since the early 90s.

I am amazed at the leaps computing has taken, and even more amazed at how quickly the advances have been.  The things that would have taken us hours, or days, now take minutes.  I recently had to build a new workstation because of hardware failure (that's code for "old computer") and from start to finish, box of parts to a running connected and loaded computer took less than two hours.  It was stunning to me.

I can only imagine what the next twenty years will bring.

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