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In 1994 The Inner Circle BBS began as a two line Renegade 1-3 day warez dialup bulletin board running in DOS 5 and Desqview. In 1995 we went "legit" by transitioning to a six line Major BBS which quickly grew to a Worldgroup offering dial up Internet service through ten (10) incoming lines and 72 TCP/IP channels. The Inner Circle BBS served hundreds of users faithfully for nearly eight years. Sadly, the BBS community was all but wiped out by the advent of web based services, making traditional bulletin board systems obsolete. In late 2002 the Inner Circle BBS went dark.

Post Inner Circle BBS: In 1998 we started developing web properties beginning with Netshoppers.com, a shopping directory running on the Hyperseek search platform. At its peak, Netshoppers.com was bringing in over 20,000 strictly organic visitors per month. It was recently sold to a media company in Dubai and converted to a shopping comparison site. Other web properties developed and spun off include Gamewatchers.com an online arcade and Areforever.com an online jewelry store.

We are currently in the process of building an entirely new network of informational and social sites designed for plug in exposure. We also offer our marketing expertise to smaller businesses that otherwise couldn't afford optimization services due to budgetary constraints. Our services include free marketing and website optimization information delivered through our SEOME.com and SEOME.org websites. We have begun development on a new shopping directory based on the Hyperseek DSX platform. The ShopSmarter business directory is free to use and submit to and we invite any e-commerce site and business owners to come over and register. You can find it at ShopSmarter.org and you don't need a website to list your business.

We offer a free wholesale directory at WholesaleDex.com (Wholesale Index) with more than 6000 drop-shippers, wholesalers, liquidators and closeouts. Some of our other offerings include Free Geo Maps and other widgets designed by my partner Steven Thomas over at sthomas.net

In development:

TeddyBearsPersonalized.com - North American distributor in partnership with Flying Bears UK Ltd. Personalized Teddy Bears and Gifts
PersonalizedTeddy.com - Personalized Teddy Bears offered through a highly modded SunShop shopping cart.
LegalPad.org - A free legal advice, discussion and forms website that should be a big hit with the lawyers and attorneys.
MovieBasics.com - Movie Database
WebProfitsPro.com - Make Money Online
TVandMovies.info - watch your favorite TV shows and Movies online.
This website will be updated continually so please check back often for the latest news.